With a Net Promoter Score of 63, we're world class!

With a Net Promoter Score of 63, we're world class!

Recently the team sent out an online survey to all our customers, asking them to answer a few simple questions. We’re delighted with the responses because it turns out that 63% of our survey respondents can be classed as “promoters”- people that would actively promote Swan Energy to their friends and colleagues. This is world-class! 

We were keen to ask of our customers about their willingness to recommend Swan Energy to friends and colleagues; on a scale of zero to 10. The results from this enabled us to calculate our Net Promoter Score; a metric which is used globally. Our NPS turned out to be 63, which is excellent. The market average is 15 and world-class businesses like Amazon and Google are 50+. 

We value feedback here at Swan Energy because it gives us insight, which enables us to improve and make a positive difference to the way we work with our customers. Because we wanted people to be as open and honest as possible, we kept everything anonymous. We gave people every opportunity to tell us about any areas we could improve on. Some minor things were identified and will be taken on board and addressed, but we received a raft of positive comments. For instance, one person said: “One of the best contractors we use. Struggling to think of areas to improve.”

That’s good to hear! 

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