SECR - Your obligations

SECR - Your obligations

Last week in Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting - What is the big deal we gave some background to Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), talked about what it was, when it came into effect, why it did and briefly touched on the obligations if it applies to your business. Once you know your business will have to report against SECR, it is important that you understand your obligations fully and what you need to do. 

Click this to view a flowchart which shows the route to compliance depending on the nature of your organisation.

If you are a quoted company, you must report:

Scope 1 emissions, including combustion of all fuels (including transport costs/fuels), process emissions, fugitive emissions.

Scope 2 emissions, which covers the consumption of electricity, heat, steam, cooling.

• Emissions and consumption are global.

If you are an unquoted company, you must report on:

• UK energy use (minimum gas, electricity, transport)

• Associated GHG emissions

It is also necessary to report your previous year’s energy and GHG emissions if available, as well an appropriate Intensity Ratio. Details of any energy efficient actions implemented, and the methodology used must also be included.

It should also be noted that if an organisation’s energy usage is found to be under 40MWh in a reporting year (10x an average UK household), it is exempt from submitting a full SECR report. Instead, a statement is needed in the Director’s Report stating the organisation is a ‘low energy user’.  

It may seem that the mandatory requirements for an SECR report are fairly minimal, but it is strongly encouraged that an organisation goes above and beyond the mandatory SECR requirements. This is just one area Swan Energy can provide expert advice on.

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Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting - Intensity Ratios, where we  talk more about Intensity Ratios; a way of comparing carbon emissions within different sectors and over time.


Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting - What is the big deal?

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