Revised ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard

Revised ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard

The ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard has been revised and an updated standard was published on Tuesday 21st August.

ISO 50001 is an International Certification standard for an organisation’s energy management system. It covers the establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement of an energy management system which enables businesses to continually improve their energy performance. This includes improvements in energy efficiency, better use of energy and reduction in energy consumption, where possible, and can improve an organisation’s bottom-line and contribute to corporate social responsibility objectives.

There are various significant changes in the updated standard:

The standard is now structured differently and more compatible with other ISO management system standards. This means that if you have another ISO standard (such as ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard or ISO 14000 Environmental Standard) – it is more recognisable and easier to follow and integrate. The new standard also offers some clarification about key energy management and performance concepts.

There is a stronger emphasis on the responsibility of leadership and top management in achieving (and maintaining) 1SO 50001. It requires a strategic and operational commitment. Everyone has to be involved in the organisation’s energy management system; not just Energy Managers.

The ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard requires an organisation to implement a system that sets targets specific to their business, to take action and to seek to continually improve energy performance – with a view to reducing waste, improving efficiencies and benefiting from cost savings as an organisation. More is included in the revised standard around supporting continual improvement and sharing best practice.

If you're considering ISO 50001, Swan Energy helps businesses to achieve and benefit from an ISO 50001 compliant Energy Management System and we can guide you through the external certification process.

To view more detailed information about ISO 50001, click here

ISO 50001 is also something which will be discussed by the Swan Energy team at ESTA’s IECg’s: “Energy – Changing Times” Event in Leeds on the 27th September. Click here to find out more and register for your free place.  

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