Reviewing your MMP for EU ETS Phase IV

Reviewing your MMP for EU ETS Phase IV

People are now starting to receive their Monitoring Methodology Plans (MMPs) from regulatory bodies (e.g. Environment Agency) for review. We strongly advise you allocate sufficient time to reviewing and updating your installation’s MMP in line with the Competent Authority's comments. The MMP forms the basis of installation activity level reporting for Phase IV of the EU ETS which covers the next ten years.  Installations will be verified against this document for the next ten years so it is crucial to complete it correctly. 

Last summer, installations were tasked with calculating their Phase IV baseline, which included:

National Implementation Measures (NIMs) - the calculations looking at the past five years’ worth of energy usage.

Monitoring Methodology Plans (MMPs) - the methodology to explain how they had pulled together their NIMs. 

Why get your MMP back now?

Whereas your original MMP reflected on activity level over the past five years, you now need to revisit and update it so that it details the methodology for calculating activity level for the next ten years. MMPs are dynamic and will continually change with your installation. MMPs encourage improvement to methodologies in order to achieve higher tiers or provide the opportunity to asses unreasonable costs associated with doing so. 

We are now hearing from organisations that need help and are employing our EU ETS consultancy services. If your MMP has been returned and you need some assistance, call us on 01484 843867.

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