Power of the Pack

Power of the Pack

The Swan Energy team has developed a unique evidence and reporting pack, which covers all aspects of emissions and compliance reporting for EU ETS. We strongly believe that our evidence packs are something which help distinguish our service from that offered by competitors and we call it ‘power of the pack’.

Although we first developed our EU ETS evidence pack approach over five years ago, until this year, our packs have been constructed manually in MS Excel, whereby a member of the Swan team has input each data point individually. Although Swan Energy have never had any issues with EU ETS verification, we knew this process was unnecessarily arduous, was open to transcription errors and could be streamlined. So, we decided to make some improvements and our software team designed a database in which to store all relevant information for our sites, with functions for extracting relevant data and presenting it in the form of an evidence pack. This has resulted in the centralisation of data storage, which means that we only have to use single data entries for multiple services and outputs.

There are five key reasons why our unique evidence pack is good news for our clients:

1 - 100% reliability

Emission reporting is at the heart of the service we offer as part of our EU ETS consultancy service and our evidence packs are thorough, robust and can be relied on. This is vital to the service we offer and we can reassure you that they are based on effective data management systems. With data being imported or input manually just the once, we’ve reduced the risk of transcription errors.

2 - Produced with verifiers, competent authorities and even UKAS in mind.

Our evidence packs are well received by verifiers and competent authorities. We have designed and produced them to anticipate the questions a verifier or auditor may want to ask. As Lead Verifiers for the foremost greenhouse gas verification body, Lucideon CICS, this means we are well placed to view things through the eyes of the verifier. This works to the advantage of our clients.

3 - Continuously being improved

As we’ve already said, the EU ETS evidence pack has been developed over time…and it won’t stop there. We’re always learning, always evolving and continuously looking to make improvements. If we identify any gaps, or have any requests from clients and auditors, we respond and update it.

4 - Easy to follow and has a consistent format

Our Evidence Pack format is the same, no matter who the client is. This helps clients and verifiers to become familiar with the format and approach. Also, given that reports are required to be read by people who may not have as much technical knowledge as the person writing it….our packs are always written with the layperson in mind.

5 - Packs are produced for you individually

For each of our clients, we run and produce an evidence pack just for you, that will report a complete and consistent process for the verifier to review with ease.

The latest version of our evidence pack is transforming the way we way we do business. If you’d like to benefit from our approach, call us on 01484 843867.

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