Our Lockdown Positives

Our Lockdown Positives

In March 2020 we were all hit by the never imagined scenario of having to stay at home…with immediate effect. Covid-19 swept across the world and we all had to change the way we lived and worked, but from all adversities and challenges come new ways of being, and, in a recent team chat, the four positives the Swan Energy team all agreed on were:

1 - Much improved use of technology and its benefits

Our IT abilities and use of technology are much improved and we’ve all become MS Teams masters! We’ve found using MS Teams is more personal than a phone call and it’s become the new norm for so many conversations with clients. Virtual meetings have become our go-to option and we’ve probably had more frequent meetings with clients. It’s by no means the same as visiting clients in person, but it is a close second best and has most definitely reduced the company’s carbon footprint. We’ve even been able to be present on MS Teams as verification visits have been underway. Now we’re all experts(!), and it’s seen us develop closer ties to clients, we’re almost certainly going to continue using it beyond the pandemic.

2 - News ways of working and connecting as a team

Swan Energy has found new ways of working together and connecting as a team. Every morning at 10am we have a quick online meeting to check-in and organise workloads. These bring to the fore any issues that need addressing, or people that need support when deadlines are looming. They help keep everyone on track. We’ve also got Biscuit Wednesday and have had other social gatherings online, like our Task Master Christmas party which was brilliantly organised by Eve. 

3 - Reduced travelling time and associated stress!

Some of our team members were commuting two hours a day to work and no one has missed this. Since the team has worked from home in the pandemic, time pressures and stresses have reduced significantly. Sarah felt that her time has been freed up to complete work in busy times, instead of having to work until later in the evening. Joe said that he was delighted not to be dealing with Leeds traffic every day and was also happy to have saved the fuel money, and Eve said, “it’s been better for my sanity and the environment.”

4 - More flexible working and improved wellbeing

More flexible working has also been good for the wellbeing of the Swan Energy team. Working from home has enabled the team to get out for a walk, run or bike ride at lunch time to break up their day– or instead of their morning or evening commute. People have had a chance to explore their local areas more, which I think everyone that’s lived through lockdown appreciates. 

All this being said, the team are looking forward to having some time back in the office - for a change of scenery and the social aspect!

What are you positives?

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