Meet the team - Sarah Fryer

Meet the team - Sarah Fryer

We thought that it would be good to introduce some of the faces that have joined the Swan Energy team over the last three years, so let’s start with Sarah Fryer. 

Sarah joined the Swan Energy team in September 2016, fresh out of the University of Leeds with a BSc (Hons.) (Ind.) in Physical Geography. She’s now a key member of the team…and we don’t know where we’d be without her! 

What does your role involve?

Recently promoted to Carbon Consultant, I now manage a small team of Carbon & Energy Analysts, planning workloads and ensuring all deadlines are met.

When a new EU ETS client is secured, I take the lead on agreeing and implementing procedures for new installations and I also oversee our entire EU ETS portfolio, which has recently hit 60 installations. I support and guide our analysts, visit clients and conduct site tours, liaise with Competent Authorities, act on behalf of clients at verification visits and internally audit reports. 

I’m also a Greenhouse Gas Auditor for Lucideon at 13 sites - ranging from breweries to water treatment works, hospitals and maltings. This involves conducting comprehensive and thorough audits and writing Verification Opinion Statements.

Also, a part of my role is also to representing Swan Energy at exhibitions, to deliver workshops for existing clients and to also engage in business developing with potential clients. 

How have you progressed since joining?

When I look back to September 2016, I’ve come a long way and have been given lots of opportunities to develop.

Earlier this year I was promoted to the role of Carbon Consultant and I now manage the Swan Energy team day-to-day. This is my first experience of being a Manager and I’m really enjoying it. It’s great to have more responsibility…and I look forward to this continuing to grow. I’m now looking forward to doing an Executive Mini MBA in August with the University of Chester, to help develop stronger management skills and business acumen. 

Over the last three years my knowledge of the industry has increased immensely and I’m now starting to be known at events and meeting…and am looking forward to speaking at some upcoming events to represent Swan Energy. I enjoy meeting other industry professionals and I’m now sitting on the Yorkshire Branch Committee of the Energy Institute – as well as their nationwide Young Professional Network council.

Last but not least, after ongoing training and development, this year I’ve qualified as a Lucideon Greenhouse Gas Auditor and an ISO 50001 Internal Auditor. I found the ISO 50001 training very interesting because it is relevant to so many companies, it can save them money and benefit them because it’s all about continual improvement. 

Any special projects you’ve been involved with?

I’ve been very involved with the production of our unique EU ETS automated evidence pack. We complete a bespoke pack for each of the installations that we manage to aid the verification process and we’ve received great feedback from clients and verifiers alike. I’ve also been busy creating a lot of documentation and a step-by-step guide for ISO 50001. And, since we’ve won our first client in Ireland, I’ve been researching other opportunities for working in the wider EU.

What do you bring to the Swan Energy team and its clients?

I’m a self-starter, well-motivated and have strong communication and organisation skills. As a female young professional, I’m in a minority in the energy industry and I’m working hard to inject some fresh ideas and thinking here at Swan Energy; helping the business be more competitive and unique in the market. I want the company to expand, modernise and keep up with the need for organisations to focus on energy management - whether that’s mandatory or voluntary. I’d like us to broaden our service offerings and the industries we influence as well as the areas we operate in e.g. EU wide and beyond.

What do you love doing away from work?

I love cooking, playing hockey, camping, running and travelling…and looking forward to a big trip to China in September, before the hectic world of the EU ETS begins once again!

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