Harjot submits his first MCPD permit. Need one?

Harjot submits his first MCPD permit. Need one?

Do you know if MCPD impacts your organisation and when you need a permit by?

Harjot Singh (pictured) is one of our new Carbon and Energy Analysts. He joined the Swan Energy team in August.

He has been busy doing a lot of different things since his arrival, but one area that he’s been focusing on is the Medium Combustion Plan Directive (MCPD) and he has now prepared and submitted his first permit application to the Environmental Agency for review. This was done on behalf of a client who is developing an energy centre to recover both heat and carbon dioxide, with excess power fed into the National Grid.

If your company runs any combustion plant from 1MW thermal Input up to 50 MWth you will fall into the MCPD. Although permits will not be required for existing installations until at least 1st January 2024, new installations must comply and submit MCPD permits by 20th December 2019. Existing Medium Combustion Plants (MCP) can become a new MCP if it is Substantially Refurbished at a cost exceeding 50% of the investment cost for a new comparable MCP. Generators with a rated thermal input greater than 1MWth that came into operation after 1st December 2016 will be classed as Tranche B and as a result will have to comply with the MCPD 1st January 2019. 

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