Carbon Forward 2018 Conference

Carbon Forward 2018 Conference

There’s less than 2 months to go until Carbon Forward 2018. Swan Energy will be making an appearance and speaking. Will you be joining us?

The Carbon Forward conference is gathering carbon traders, analysts, regulators and other experts in London on October 16-18, 2018 for the third annual Carbon Forward conference, an event aimed at helping emitters, traders and investors navigate the quickly evolving European and global carbon market landscape. Swan Energy Managing Director, Andrew Park, will be speaking at this event.

Would you like to know the latest EU carbon price forecasts? Just 18 months ago prices were €5. Hear from, and take the opportunity to speak to, the greatest minds in the carbon market.

EU ETS phase 4 reforms are agreed and are widely expected to drive prices well above €20 next decade. Experts including European Commission’s head of ETS policy development Peter Zapfel will identify the key national, EU and international developments on the horizon that could accelerate, impede or even prevent that price increase and assess how the ETS will handle those impacts.

Want to know how EU ETS-covered companies in the UK and on the continent will be affected by Britain’s scheduled divorce from the EU in March 2019? Hear the views of the UK government, a major utility, NGO, law firm and an economic consultancy in the session ‘2020 Fission’.

Moving beyond the EU ETS on the second conference day, Carbon Forward 2018 explores the high pace of development of carbon pricing worldwide and how countries, corporates and entire industrial sectors like aviation and shipping are aligning with the Paris Agreement on climate change.

***Learn how to survive and thrive in global carbon markets. Book your place at Carbon Forward!

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