ISO50001 Energy Management System

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Swan Energy can help your organisation achieve and benefit from an ISO50001 compliant Energy Management System and guide you through the external certification process with a chosen ISO50001 certification body.

We help you set up and implement ISO50001, working alongside you to establish a bespoke system that works for you.

Advantages of ISO50001 Certification

Why is ISO50001 certification a good idea?

  • It eliminates the requirement to conduct future ESOS audits, making ESOS reporting quick, easy and very low cost.
  • It embeds energy management into your organisation, giving you sustained energy savings over the long term and saving you money year after year.
  • It will improve your organisation's reputation and form part of your company's 'corporate social responsibility' (CSR) commitments.
  • It leads to lower greenhouse gas emissions, helping to combat climate change.

Amongst other things, this will include:

  • The establishment of an energy policy, key energy performance indicators and objectives
  • Establishing an energy baseline and identifying areas of significant energy use
  • Schedules of energy audits continually measure and evaluate energy performance and the audits of the energy management system itself
  • Monitoring and targeting

To find out more about the ISO50001 Energy Management System please refer to our glossary page.

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