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Stationary Installations - Am I included in the EU ETS?

If the site has installed capacity of over 20 MW thermal input, then it will be included in the EU ETS. Please note any individual units under 3 MW are not included in this capacity calculation. If the site qualifies for EU ETS all combustion activities on that site are then covered under EU ETS. Full qualifying criteria for the scheme can be found in Annex I of the EU ETS Directive. For further guidance or information on qualifying criteria please contact us.

Aircraft Operators - Am I included in the EU ETS?

Aircraft operators, from any country, carrying out flights to, from and within the European Economic Area (EEA) who's emissions are greater than 1,000 t CO2 (10,000 for an AOC holder) with be required to monitor, report and surrender allowances covering CO2 emissions arising from flights within the EEA. An explanation of the qualifying flight criteria can be found on the Commission website. For further guidance or information on qualifying criteria please contact us.

Who is the Competent Authority?

The Competent Authority (CA) is the regulator and depends on which UK country your company is based in. In England the CA is the Environment Agency, in Wales the CA is Natural Resources Wales, In Scotland The CA is the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, and in Northern Ireland the CA is the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs. For UK aircraft operators your CA is will be the UK Country your company is registered in, for overseas aircraft operators administered by the UK (on the Commission List assigned to the UK) your CA will be the Environment Agency.

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