Swan Energy is a long-standing member of the Independent Energy Consultants Group within The Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA). Based in Slaithwaite near Huddersfield in Yorkshire, we serve clients right across mainland UK.


Swan Energy has over 55 years' experience providing energy management services to industry, commerce and public-sector clients. We have been involved in both EU ETS and CRC from the very beginning.

EU ETS Lead Verifier

We have one of the Lead Verifiers for the foremost UK EU ETS verification body among the Swan Energy personnel. This means that as well as preparing reports for verification, we understand the requirements to meet the verification standard better than our competitors.

Convenience and peace of mind

We will always keep you informed about what is going on, but you can take a back seat and let us relieve the hassle. This will free up your time while giving you the peace of mind that the job is being handled by experienced professionals with a wealth of industry knowledge.

Value for money

Unlike other consultants in this field, at Swan Energy we never work on a commission basis. Our fees are based on the estimated work needed to ensure your organisation achieves complete compliance and there are never any hidden costs. This means that our clients keep 100% of money saved by implementing energy efficiency opportunities and you will always know our fees are fair, reasonable and transparent.

Power of the Pack

Our unique evidence pack, produced individually for each client, enables a quick and easy process for the verifier to approve. The pack makes understanding complex research and actions easier for the client and so reduces the amount of time that you need to devote to this process.

End2End EU ETS Compliance (E2EEC)

Our brand-new service offers end to end EU ETS compliance support. From emissions calculations through compliance to trading of allowances, ETSWAP to Additional Account Representative, we've got it covered. Our End2End EU ETS Compliance service removes risk and stress from year-end compliance, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. We offer complete peace of mind when it comes to EU ETS compliance.

We take the stress out of EU ETS

Free, no obligation consultation

Have one of our experienced members of staff visit you for a free consultation to see how Swan Energy can help you save money and stress!

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We have over 55 years' experience providing energy management services to industry, commerce and public-sector clients. Our fees are fair, reasonable and transparent.

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