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The Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) is a mandatory reporting system for carbon emissions covering gas and electricity for large commercial and public sector organisations.

Swan Energy has helped clients with CRC since the beginning of the scheme. We have the experience to provide a complete and robust CRC management service through our in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing rules and legislation. We complete all necessary steps whilst ensuring that your organisation remains fully compliant throughout: mitigating the risk of civil penalty and reputational damage.

Services include:

  • Complete management of CRC requirements on behalf of your organisation by Swan Energy
  • Collation of all necessary data (including annual supplier statements) and calculation of annual emissions
  • Submission of annual emissions report
  • Preparation and production of a comprehensive annual evidence pack as required by the scheme rules and to satisfy the requirements of any audit carried out by the Environment Agency
  • Reporting of any notifiable changes to the relevant authorities on behalf of the client
  • Provision of personal ad hoc advice on all CRC related issues.

To find out more about the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme please refer to our glossary page.

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