Electric Vehicle Charging Point (EVCP) Infrastructure

The cost of providing an EVCP varies widely, depending on the type of development, if the infrastructure has the capacity required or if new infrastructure is required, and if any grants are available? Swan Energy can assist you in addressing these questions.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

When SECR starts (from 2019) it will entail mandatory annual reporting and disclosure of energy and carbon information through company accounts. It will largely replace the CRC energy efficiency scheme but is also likely to increase the number of organisations with reporting obligations. It will as result lead to an increase to the Climate Change Levey (CCL). Swan Energy will help you assess if these requirements apply to your company, providing advice and guidance on the transition.

Energy Auditing

Before your company can start to reduce its energy demands and the associated energy costs, where energy is being consumed and what measures can be taken to reduce it must be identified. Swan Energy can carry out commercial energy auditing, tailored to your individual site(s) and advise on potential investment choices and payback periods.


End to End Compliance

Our End to End Compliance service includes completing all EU ETS functions on your behalf such as: data and documentation collation, submission of all reports, help appointing a verifier, if required, and site visits throughout the year. You will also receive our unique Evidence Pack and any related ad-hoc advice and support whenever you require it. This service includes advice regarding the purchase and surrender of allowances as well as registry support, through our partnership with Redshaw Advisors.

Environmental Permitting

Many EU ETS installations also have obligations under the Integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC) directive, and can be classified as either part A(1) A(2) or part B installations. Swan Energy can assist operators by liaising with the Environment Agency or Local Authority to establish if a permit is required and submit permit applications for installations on your behalf.

Carbon Management Plans

Carbon Management Plans are necessary for any company planning to reduce its carbon emissions. This is done by creating a high-level strategy and defining the practical steps necessary to identify, quantify and implement the strategy to meet targets set. Swan Energy can guide you through this process.

Heat Networks

Where heating, cooling or hot water is supplied by a company (heat supplier) to a third party (Final customer), the provider is legally obliged to provide detailed information about those networks to a central body. They must also install meters on all affected properties.

Display Energy Certificates

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) show energy performance of a building based on actual energy consumption as recorded annually over periods up to the last three years. DECs need to be updated each year. Buildings that provide services to the public are required to display these certificates. Swan Energy can produce DECs for your business.

Energy Briefing & News

Energy Briefing is a free, electronic quarterly publication produced specifically to keep management informed about developments in the energy sector. Additionally, occasional newsflashes are distributed to readers.

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We have over 55 years' experience providing energy management services to industry, commerce and public-sector clients. Our fees are fair, reasonable and transparent.

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